Okay. I started this post seven days ago and never got around to finishing it. So I’m going to start over and try to finish it. **Warning: It’s a long read!

The reason for the title was my self-reflection on why am I just so busy. My classes are wonderful, I’m excited to do projects and being involved with other activities. Basically, putting myself back on the map and just going full speed. I think I tend to push bit further or want to do something more than just satisfactory. This contribute to putting more effort and time into projects.

But it also means seeing what I can do. I can see where my bar is and how I can push that bar further, of course if the time allows it. For example, I’m taking a printmaking class. It’s fun and I get to learn about printing process.

Our first project is cutting linoleum to create a “stamp.” The first part was focusing on black and white prints with different papers and pressures. The second part was color prints so we need to have at least two layers print. My print was four layers. Black, white, blue and yellow. This meant a lot of carving and I managed to do that. And I really enjoyed the process. I just wish I had bit more time and I had the right paper the first time.

Another good example is my schedule next week. For my photojournalism class, I need to do at least one Feature, one News and one Sport event. Next week, I went to pitch for one sport event. I ended up getting myself into three different events to shoot. I just look at my calendar and just went, “What did I get myself into?!”

And my projects pile seem to get bigger and bigger. But I’ve learned to know when to stop. So the pile is big but manageable. Because of this, I think it contributed to my strong-driven personality.

So a lesson here. I may seem exhausted or just plain crazy (I know some people will agree on this), but I really enjoy this. It sets the bar higher for myself. And shows how much effort I do for whatever project I’m doing.

Quick updates: I had craziest two weeks, I think. It was trying to finish everything before San Francisco trip for Chinese New Year Parade (it was very fun!). Then I had to catch up everything the week after. And the stuff on my plate is increasing little by little but I’ve tackled some portions by portions. And I learn to make sure I save some for desserts ;)

Something for your eyes. I present you part 1 of my second printing project. Here is Raptor riding an asteroid. I have quite an imagination.


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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