December Air

Whoops! I meant to post about a fun event last couple weeks ago. I went to California Association of Deaf conference to give my Ms. Deaf California title to the next person. *drumroll*
Elena is Ms. Deaf California 2013-2015! There was a special event for this and we arrived early to get used to the stage and do a walk-through. There was a runway with lights and I couldn’t resist but told her to get on stage and had a fun photoshoot! The lighting was beautiful and we were all dolled up! I was glad to use my favorite dress again! Later that night, we had a long night of girl talk. Starting with her goal with this title then to her project then to our little “slumber party” girl chats. It’s been a while since I had one of those kinds of talks. We stayed until 2:30 in the morning and got up five hours later. I forgot how fun it was! Then we drove back to Northridge but not without stopping to eat at Duck’s! It was such a fun weekend!

This year, my parents left to Belgium (oh, how I miss the place!) and I think it was my first Thanksgiving without my parents. We did have early Thanksgiving dinner when my uncle flew in. So I’m glad I got to eat my mum’s sticky rice. This year, I went hiking at Runyon Canyon with Matt and his parents. I forgot it was one of those hikes that let you have dogs running around. I saw so many cute dogs! It was a good hike. We had Thanksgiving lunch after with yummy cupcakes (Thin Mint and Stuffed Pumpkin Pie!). Matt took a nap so I worked on a sudoku. I never finished it though. But I missed doing sudoku. It was something I did the first two years of college while my roommate did crosswords. We would cut them up and tape it on the wall. Hee, it reminded me of that.

Then Matt and I left to my brother’s house with 6 other cupcakes. Everyone (well, mostly my brother and the girls) were cooking up curry, mashed potatoes, chicken, vegetables and so on while the guys watched football. It was really homey and Ka Ho actually cooked! I tease, I tease. But it was a nice dinner with my brother and friends.
According to Ka Ho, we almost had every farm animal on the table except for turkey. Heehee, it was good to know we still kept the tradition of having BBQ pork! The dinner was delicious! And I did have good Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. :)

I know I say this every month, but this month will be another busy month! I’m working on 20-page paper and a project about a nonexistent product that I think it should exist. I’m glad my presentations are mostly done and I have one more left. It’s only a week and half until finals and strangely, I’m feeling a little bit nervous but as stressful as I should be. Maybe when it gets closer, I’ll be pulling my hair out. With few weeks left, I only have one more semester left of school. Kind of exciting and scary at the same time.

I just have so much work to do. But it will be worth it. :) Happy December! (Will the weather just get cold?! I very much want an excuse to wear beanies and scarves!)


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