Don’t Talk AND Sign To the Strangers




One of the most amazing opportunities I was able to do was to go to Craft and Folk Art Museum to do review on Nathalie Miebach’s “Changing Waters” gallery. I had to go for my internship. Actually, I volunteered to go because I want to give it a try. And I loved it! If I could get a job that let me visit different places to eat (hey, the way to my heart is through stomach!) or see interesting things (museums are the best!) or even try something new (psst… archery?). What is even more rewarding is meeting people. I’m always nervous. It’s not because I don’t know what to say or how I look or act to them. But I worry I may not be able to catch everything the person may say. I might miss out some fascinating quotes or ideas. But this time, Nathalie was really great and I understood her clearly. She showed me around and we talked about how she collected data and made all the different pieces.

Her works are based on different data she collected on hurricanes and water life. The first picture is actually a map of marine life. Look closely, you can see fishes. Then some markers that represent water temperature or wind direction. There weren’t just sculptures of woven pieces, there were some music involved. She worked with composers as well to come up with pieces. It’s really fascinating how she put science and art together. And she was very nice!

I was telling her about the dragons which I thought looked so pretty. And I told her they reminded me of dragons my youth group do for dragon dance. Then she told me she actually used dragon dance as references when she was creating them! I thought that was neat and made feel pretty cool.

It was really exciting time for me. Craft and Folk Art Museum is really small museum just across the Hancock Park. And do check her TED talk.

There is a story behind the title of this post. When I was little, I met someone who is deaf. So we had a quick conversation and I was only five years old or so. Then I told my mom and she told me to not sign to strangers. I kept that in thought until few years later, I met someone and somehow we strike a conversation. So I told my mom and she looks at me and said, “Don’t sign AND talk to the strangers!” Then just recently, I told her about my meeting with Nathalie and I was getting excited about doing this kind of things. She just said, “I give up.” And we laughed about it.

Kind of strange to think that I meet strangers as part of my field. And usually, it’s a scary thought. I find it quite exciting! :) I can’t wait for more opportunities like this!


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