Yesterday sketch of Russel Alton (instagram: @choplogik)

His curls are just lovely and more lovely to draw! Especially when I rarely draw dudes.

Today’s drawing. Didn’t do well on hair but I fell in love with her glasses!

I noticed my style has changed. My taste in things from clothing to music is definitely changing. The dresses I buy (wait, I’m buying more dresses??) have particular style and colors. The shoes I’m looking and wishing to buy are much more older. The sunglasses I’m hoping to own within a month is indeed different but classy.

I suddenly remembered last year pageant retreat where we were told to find our style and stick with it. I still can’t figure out what exactly do you call it but it’s something. It’s classy and clean. It’s in trend right now but when it fades away, I’ll be the one to keep wearing these.

This applies to types of stores, online and out. Think etsy, Modcloth or other mom and pop shops.

Or what about people I follow on instagram (Russell being one of them) and twitter? I follow @tumbleweedshc, @rubyellenbratcher, @stuntkid, @zrod_in_la and more. It’s starting to reflect what I think and like. So hipster but not entirely hipster. Although, I’ve been told that I’m an unicorn. Or did I think I am one? Not the point anyways.

I just feel this is a sign of growing? Finding more and more who I am. But I will occasionally throw a gleeful fit and do my *cutesyhands* motion whenever I see something super cute. I will still fall in love with Captain Jack Sparrow over and over. I’m watching the movies right now and forgot how silly and animated he is! And I will most likely continue to speak gibberish and mock the minions from Despicable me. After all, these are still part of me.

Oh, did I show you this?
Someone got me this sketchbook and it shows back and front cover respectively. Glenn Arthur does amazing hair and eyes and everything! The details are beyond gorgeous! He’s also one of the instagram artists I follow. Oh, also my drawing style changed a bit. Hence the sketches lately. I’ve added few details here and there.

I have an eye for small details, I’ve been told. Possibly the reason why I may not always see the whole picture the first time. But it is sometimes the small details that finish everything. Just stop and look closely. You’ll find things unexpectedly.


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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