I Have a Dream

Yesterday was 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. That speech had huge impact on America.

It is also quite fitting for me to think about my dreams. Sure, I do want same thing for everyone about equality and society need to be change. In fact, this kind of speech can applies to any groups that have been oppressed one way or another. Whether it’s racial, disabilities, emotional, mental or physical issues, we all have rights to be equal and at least have our voices be heard.

But lately I’ve been thinking about MY dreams. My life goals. What do I want to do? Where do I want to live? How do I want to live? Everything. It takes few steps at a time. I’m not going to rush anything now. It was somewhat confusing at times.

Then this week, I had an assignment to write obituary. Instead of autobiography, my professor wanted us to think about what we want to do in the future and what do we want to be known for? That was interesting and it was hard to type. Then my other professor began to talk about our digital footprint. It’s the concept on what do we want to present ourselves online. I did not think very much until now. How do I want to present myself online AND out in the real world.

So I definitely had a lot to think. But that’s good because I’m actually working toward to something. I have goals to go to. I’m still keeping my dream of setting up my own business. Maybe at some point, live in San Francisco. And there’s always places I want to travel. These stuff are something to look at.

So tell me, what are YOUR dreams? How do you want to present yourselves, not just online but to the real world out there? :)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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