I Want A Dog


It was beautiful Tuesday and my friends and I had a picnic in the park! Some brought their dogs. Growing up, I never had a pet dog so I grabbed every chance to play and run with them. Knight, the German Shepard, was really fun to run with. I had to catch up with him. Then Tyson, the mixed white fluffball, was pretty excited to get away from other dogs when I went running with him. Poor him and Bubba, another white dog with dark spots, were not used to other dogs especially the bigger dogs! I also got to meet 7, a Siberian Husky (Knight was blocking her way in the group picture) and she was gorgeous! Lani and Y-Boy were the smaller dogs. Lani is the one that’s sitting under my legs.

We ate, laughed, played and even got in water balloon fight! That was one intense fight, may I add. One team filled a water cooler and my team would try to steal it. Then we had to break it up and be more fair so we played it dodge ball style. It was a lot of fun and we stayed until 8! Some of us went to eat at the Hat and some of us (including me) went to get tofu soup. Perfect ending to a long and cool day! I’m sure some dogs were pooped out, too!

I remember I would tell my dad I wanted a dog for my birthday. So on my 8th birthday, my dad got me a beanie buddy of a Husky. Not a dog I expected but I’ve slept with him and brought him to almost everywhere. I loved that dog and I’m excited when I finally can get one! I love dogs, well animals in general! It’s definitely something for me to look forward when I get settled down with life.


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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