Crepes, Sunflowers and Free Tickets

My friends and I brought in some clothes to donate so we can have free admission to OC Fair yesterday. Originally, the plan was to buy The Flaming Lips concert tickets but things did not work out. I didn’t want to drop the whole plans so we just kept the OC Fair and enjoyed the rest of the day.


We walked around, saw the gardens of chili peppers and huge sunflowers. I love sunflowers and I loved that the huge ones are so crazily tall! Then they had exhibitions of art gallery and all the desserts that won competition. We even saw how they made flowers out of fondant! Then there was a petting zoo. I walked in and tried to take a picture of baby kangaroos. I felt something on me and I put my head away from the camera and there was a goat and it wouldn’t stop jumping on me. It was kind of funny at that moment. I was somewhat shocked to see a goat looking straight at me! I put him down after untangling my camera strap from his leg.


And it’s OC Fair. This usually means fried foods galore! And beers! I tried two different kinds, Red Hook and Saint Archer. They were yummy but the Red Hook was more sweeter. My friends had huge sausages, fries and shrimps. I was getting hungry but wasn’t in the mood for fried or greasy stuff. Then I spotted a crepes booth. And I was sold! I got banana and peanut butter crepe. I believe this was the best OC Fair purchase I’ve ever made since I start coming few years ago. It wasn’t fried. It had bananas and peanut butter which made me feel less guilty. Best of all, it was filling! It was so good that the boys had to get one. I thought that was funny, ha! We walked around more. Fred (the one drooling over my crepe) had to leave for work. Jillian, Desiree, Vincent and I had free ride with our tickets so we grabbed an opportunity to a ride with short line. Moi was our purse watcher.

It was good day and it was surprisingly nice weather for this time of the year! One thing I’m very sad about is they had a huge stuffed unicorn from Despicable Me! I wanted it but as usual, the carnival game for that prize is the hardest one. Hmp! Someday I will get it, put my hair up, cut short bangs and run around screaming, “It’s so fluffy; I’m going to die!” I’m so glad to take this opportunity to hang out with friends and so proud of myself as a driver. I somehow did not pay attention and instead of driving on 57, I drove on 5 all the way to LA. It was a “WTF?” moment but no biggie, I got us back home safely!

A summer is not a summer with a day in a fair! I’ll be sad when summer is gone but I’m looking forward to a fresh new start of school! So, time to use up all my lazy days!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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