Petersen Automobile Museum

Anyone recognize this cute bug??

1960 Electric Shopper. Doesn’t it remind you of the car in The Incredibles??

My brother took me and his date to the museum and there I was snapping photos like crazy! It feels good to get my mojo back. I just stopped bringing my camera for a while. It’s like when I draw, there are days where I look and say, “oh, it’s just a doodle. nothing fancy or neat.” I lose my motivation. It was the same until yesterday, I was taking a while because I kept playing around and getting excited! I can see a big difference since the last time I pick up my camera! And the gorgeous cars made it sweeter! (Seriously, look at their lines!)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my car. And what I would like for my next car. For sure, I would love for it to not be a car. Most of the cars I want on the list are bigger and has plenty of space in the back. It’s really nice to start thinking about what I really want, especially something that’s as big as this. Recently, I need to get my brakes replaced and oil changed so I went to my brother’s house and actually watched how to do it. It felt awesome! Maybe, the fact it’s all about me and what I want, not what he want, what she want, what we want or anything at all.

They also had motorcycles. This one was my favorite.

And dirtbikes. With dirt.

The museum is really awesome and even had a floor dedicated for children to learn and play. We did play a little! They had cars from the old days to the star cars, famous cars seen in the movies such as Hangover and Batman. They even had separate section for Hot Wheels, Pick Up Trucks and “Designs With No Functions” cars. I’m not as crazy as my brother but I really enjoyed the museum! Maybe you’ll find a car you like!
Like this baby for me!

This Datsun 220 Pickup stole my heart! Psst, it’s a mini truck. Perfect size for me, yeah?

Chrysler Model 75 Roadster makes me want to go on a road trip.

So. What do you want in your life?


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