The summer is really starting now. Happy June! Nothing beats having some cold drinks under the sun!

But let’s go back to graduation week. The first graduation I went was Journalism graduation so I was pretty excited to see what it’ll be like when I go up on the stage and end my college career. Well it didn’t hit me that way.

Journalism has several concentrations and I fall into the Public Relations concentration. So I watched different graduates line up and I saw Daily Sundial (my school newspaper) editor and photographer at the event. And I thought, that’s cool because you can pretty much enter and cover different events. Then Ruben is in Broadcasting concentration and he showed me the newsroom (I did not know we have one!) with big cameras and televisions everywhere. And I did get to go in the Daily Sundial “office” which I love! It’s a big open space with everyone working on stories, editing, making sure everything is ready by the deadline.

And I thought to myself, did I really consider all concentrations before jumping into Public Relations? I did have a reason for that and sadly, it all happened so fast (2 to 3 weeks, give or take). Then I started to feel a hint of regret.

I didn’t take time to explore. I didn’t try to visit every part of my department building. I didn’t look through all concentrations. Regrets.


Going back even further to one class, my teacher showed me a video about a student who became a PR for a zoo. Yes, a zoo! She was required to get people attention to come out to the zoo often and even hosted a New Year event to see the ball drop along with all the night creatures at the zoo. I thought that is perfect! And I realize the opportunities are much more than I thought. And I do not have to restrict to certain types of companies or clients I will have to work with.

And I’ve met with my adviser. She’s so great and supportive of the students. She is one of the reasons I felt confident in this concentration, not that I didn’t think I’ll do well with others. PR just seems more fitting to me and yet out of my comfort zone. I find it scary and exciting at the same time.

In fact, I seem to find those kind of challenges both scary and exciting. I think I have to think out of the box and it definitely make my right brain work hard! My right brain hasn’t really worked this much compared to my first major and this is what I really enjoy the most.

To end it all, I’m happy with my choices. I think some regrets are meant to be your wake-up calls and reminders to really think your choices out. Yes, sometimes it doesn’t matter but what about the process? Do you want to enjoy it, suffer through it, work for it or not care about it?

Just like that popcorn chicken bites from Tastea. That big green bucket, Jeff and I ordered level 2 spicy popcorn chicken and it was really HOT. The process was not enjoyable; it was not a good type of spicy! Definitely regret getting popcorn chicken! But their drinks are yummy!

“For to lose I could accept
But to surrender I just wept
And regretted this moment, oh that I, I was the fool”
-Fight Test;;The Flaming Lips


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