These three girls along with other friends are sweet friends of mine and I’m proud to have them not just as friends but as Class of 2013 graduates.

Kimb- I’ve known her for more than 10 years and she’s that girl who has array of colorful nail polishes and we’ve been quite a lot! We were roommates for 3 years and she was my chaperone during my Ms. Deaf CSUN 2011 and Ms. Deaf California journey. Then I had the privilege of watching her on Ms. Deaf CSUN 2013. And she was there when I took over Sign N’ Run chairperson. Like always, she was there when I needed her ever since we met back in elementary school. She’s one of few person I come to for fashion advices and she do know how to make some mean sweet treats! I’ll miss her and her smile. But I know she’ll do great when she fly out to DC for grad program.

Janice- That girl LOVES her potatoes and tofu. She always cooking something delicious and is like a mother to all of us when it comes to foods. She’s always all about sharing foods! She also participated Ms. Deaf CSUN with me and she overcame her stage fear. She can be shy but once you get to know her, she has all that sass in her! We have this unofficial tradition where we would go on Tutti-Fruitti or froyo dessert dates and I can’t wait for another one! Those dessert dates are like our ending to the summer and starting the new school year so it’s a great way to start anew and to catch up with everything. I will definitely miss her and all the foods! But the dates will continue, I’m sure!

Ji Young- I’ve known her only for few years but she is one amazing friend. I was her orientation leader and I learn about her through another friend and keep in mind, she is not that shy. But she has that unique sarcasm. It can be somewhat mean or it can be really funny. She definitely has a place in my heart and many others because she will be heading back to Chicago. Then to Korea. Then to wherever she will travel. A traveler at heart and I know I’m not the only one who will miss her deeply. We’ve already promised to exchange postcards for every travel we go and someday, we’ll travel together and talk about how our art can still never meet to art-school standard!

And there are other graduates, I wish I could say so much more. Kailyn is another one. Everyone knows her and I’m thankful to have opportunity to chat with her and we even made a deal (that’s for us to know!). We worked together as orientation leaders and we would meet with Ji for our pogo co-workers chats! Then there’s Ruben. Probably one of the very first friends I made when changing my major. I’m glad to pick him as my notetaker otherwise my class would be a complete bore! And there is Sophia. She’s one of my interpreter interns. I have her for my Anthropology class and with her team, it was really fun! It was kind of perfect because our personalities somehow complimented each others and made the class more enjoyable! There are so many more graduates and I wish you all best of luck for whatever comes on your way! :) Congratulations!! And congratulations to those who finished high school! You’re moving on to the next big step! :)


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