“Tru Biz” is a phase that deaf people sign to emphasize whatever they want to say.
Top: Girls at the Hollywood Sign hike. Bottom Left: My application for graduation. Right: Eating ramen = nomnomnom!

Okay, so I made a mistake. Well, I made more than one mistake. In fact, we all made mistakes at one point or another. That’s the beauty of life, right? Sarcasm may or may not be associated with the previous line. We live and learn. We try to not repeat. Sometimes when we make mistakes, we have to also learn to not beat ourselves more than we should. I’m guilty of pushing myself too hard. In effort to not show anything, I scratch my hands. And they would get red sometimes and hurt a bit and I remember, I stress and think too much time. It happens and I just have to learn and move on and do better way to deal with it. Tru Biz.

So this morning, I ran around my campus which is 3 mile long more or less. Okay, I didn’t run the whole way, my abdomen was hurting a bit in the beginning but by mile 2.5 I was able to jog all the way. It felt good. And I felt bit healthier, ha! I’ve been working out lately and eating more healthier. I like this and it’s a good way for me to push out stress and work on my muscles! (Tickets to the guns show, anyone?! Yeah, I’m corny!) Tru Biz.

May is the month everyone stress out. The finals. The move-out/move-in. The graduations. The everything! You see the pictures above? Things just got real. 3 girls are graduating (guess who?) and I actually turn in my graduation application. Jeffy? Man, we just love to eat! That’s all. But with everything going on, it’s a crazy month. Tru Biz.

Last words. I will miss my friends who will be graduating in less than a week. I will try better to work on myself mentally and physically. (I may sign up for few runs!) I will think before I do. Or better yet, remember before I do. Mistakes happen. I give this as an advice for you who struggles or feel like about to give up. The light at the end of tunnel is there, it’s just which path are you going to choose. Tru Biz.


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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