Spring Break was…

Okay, South California was pretty warm until yesterday. But! For 6 days, Jeff and I took a trip to Ontario, Canada for spring break! My aunt was so nice to set up the flights and hotels while I try to finish as much quizzes and homework so I can enjoy the trip. We left on April 5th and stayed a night at my Aunti’s. The next day, they showed us a bit in downtown and the farm where my uncle’s grandfather bought the land for $75 back in 1970’s. It was pretty cool then I got to see my cousin, Katie! It has been a while so it was good to see her and catch up.

Katie and her boyfriend, Dustin, took us to Niagara Falls and had lunch and mini golf game. They were so nice to treat us out! They said no one really come visit so it was something fun for all of us. Two nights in Niagara Falls consist of good foods, walking around the falls, taking million pictures, saving butterflies from being stepped on and seeing the city lights on both Canadian and New York side.

We had adventure passes that allow us to go to Journey Behind the Falls, Butterfly Conservatory and watch The Falls of Fury. The river still had ice so we couldn’t go on Maid of Mist boat. Journey Behind the Falls allow us to go in the tunnel and be behind the falls. It’s so cold and the water is really powerful! Then at the Butterfly Conservatory, the butterflies are so friendly and social! A lot more social than the one in San Francisco! So many butterflies stopped by on us and some would let us pick them up from the floor. There were few butterflies that are huge! Makes you wonder how a delicate creature can look scary when it’s bigger than usual. Finally, we went to watch the movie about the history of the falls and it lead us into the a room where we watch and feel like we’re there. So when water come gushing down, we got soaked. Jeff almost didn’t wear the poncho! It was fun and it felt like we were on the boat rocking back and forth, getting closer to the falls!

We also had a pass for different attractions including the mini-golf with my cousin and her boyfriend. We also got admission to 4-D movie which we ride a roller coaster into galaxy. Then a horror themed shooting game ride. A Skywheel ride overseeing the Niagara Falls. And a horrible wax museum. So horrible that almost all wax figures seem like they had painful face expressions that do not match their poses. At the end there was a mini horror maze with horror characters. That was something fun but kind of scary because everything is motion sensor. But it was all fun.

The weather couldn’t be more gorgeous! Bit chilly with sun. Something that’s opposite of California’s weather, ha! Only if we had more time, we would walk across the bridge to Buffalo, New York! How awesome would that be?

And this is only first 3 nights! Part 2 to come soon!
I hope everyone had great spring break and now time to power through the remaining weeks of the spring semester!

“These big city dreams are what you’re about
Walking like strangers among these states…”
Big City Dreams;;Never Shout Never


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