Be Advantageous!

Old photo. San Francisco 2011. I’ll always have a piece of my heart in SF!

Okay, so I missed two weeks ago. But no hard feelings, right? I could explain about that week. OR. I can talk about last week? Hm. Decisions, decisions!

I think I’ll just go by events. A lot of interesting things have been popping around lately.

For a start, I was able to sit down and watch Ms. Deaf CSUN Pageant! Through all my journey as Ms. Deaf CSUN and Ms. Deaf California Ambassador, I never really got to sit down and see what’s the pageant is like. My chaperone is one of the contestants and I’m so happy to see her does amazing job! Not just her but every girl as well! And I’m glad I was able to pass the crown to the new Ms. Deaf CSUN, Elena. Oh, and I had killer legs. That’s what everyone said! It was a fun filled night because everyone came to support my friends in the pageant!

It wasn’t just that night that made my weeks awesome, there were some school-related events. One thing I love about my major is there are always interesting panels or guest speakers coming to my campus. My teacher hosted CSUN Journalism Career Day and on the panel were 7 people ranging from Broadcast to PR to print and online. Coming to these kind of panels really give me some inspiration on my future. Especially with Cuit who is PR specialist. There was a question about what do they want to see in future employees. Cuit said he looks for that “genuine sparkle” which make that person stand out. Well, he definitely stood out for me!

It wasn’t just one person. Everyone did give some good advices that I can keep in mind. Going to these panels give me a boost every time I feel like things are just dragging on. It’s nice and something different away from classrooms.

We also had a guest speaker, Eric Deggans, who wrote the book “Race-Baiters.” This book is Journalism department common reading book so one of my classes requires us to read the whole book. His focus is on how media can divide a nation with words. To be honest, since I read the book, it was just a little bit bore and not enough details. He did mentioned in the beginning that it’s about having conversation. Well, the questionnaire after his lecture was definitely more appealing for me. I did get to ask him a question. I was so nervous! I don’t know why. I asked him regarding political corrected terms versus appropriate terms because the words can really change the perspectives. Then I actually taught him something! Well not just him but the whole room on which is proper term for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (These terms not Hearing-Impaired!). Because we already have some minorities groups of journalists, newsrooms can refer to them. But there are plenty of underrepresented groups like the Deaf community. He suggested us to get together and write a cheat sheet then send it to the newsroom. I thought that was cool because he didn’t just answer my question but engage me into a conversation. Oh and I got him to sign my book!

Pretty eventful month, I’ll say! As for my title, I did take advantage of all these events. But they are not the reason for my post title. I did some more deep thinking about certain things. I talked with my mom then Jeff then a friend. My friend, Kailyn, told me that in this situation I have the advantage of being able to go out and do as I please. It’s my “get-out-of-Jail” card. This is kind of a new perspective for me so I’ll be sure to take advantage!

So a lesson for me (and you all!) whatever situation comes up, do take advantage of it. Sometimes, it looks like a shitty situation but you can take it to your advantage and make it a better situation. And that is all for now. Till I come back from… CANADA! :)


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