Last week…


I got this inspiration from this blog. I’m not trying to copy them but I think this is pretty good idea for me to reflect on my week and slowly get back to blogging.

I said that last week was “self-exploratory” because today I was explaining to my interpreter about how I was on 3 different panels in a week. He said that is good because the more I present, the more I learn about myself. That is true. During the conversation, I realized an important theme I’ve been telling people.

All three panels I was on were related to my experience as deaf person. That’s cool with me and I definitely don’t mind! One was at Cal-Ed conference with all teachers, parents, students and counselors. Second one was for J’ASK (Just ASK) week about exposing others about deaf culture. Third one at Silent Weekend was pretty similar but with different audience (most of them are deaf studies and deaf students). All three of them, I included a very important statement, “don’t look deaf as a main, sole identity.”

Then I realized. This is what has been bugging me! I don’t care if you start calling me big D or little d or whatever, it’s all about others perspective. Everyone tends to label right away. The minute anyone mentioned they’re deaf, boom. Labeled! Chill out! We have other identities. You know, we have culture, way of living, family lifestyle and so on.

No wonder I was getting annoyed on why it is so special to have “deaf” labeled on me. It either made me sound like one of those “rags-to-riches” people or sometimes dumb but can actually do something.

First of all, I am me and I achieved all things I did. I failed, too. I make mistakes. I work as hard, maybe harder than hearing people. But whatever I did, I just happened to be deaf. Don’t take it as the only sole identity I have. I got others just like everybody got. :)

Now that’s out of the way. These two books you see? I picked them up for free from my library. I just love the colors of the book covers! I’ll read them when I get the chance but I was thinking of all DIYs I can do with these books (unless I really like the story then I’ll keep it as-is!). This is exciting! :)

I was able to visit my aunt when she’s in town. It’s so nice to have a break. A family break is sometimes good. I even stopped by to see mom with Jeff after Silent Weekend panel. I love those kind of breaks.

Everything is so fast-paced for me. My brain is running at 80mph or even faster! The only time it slowed down is if I do nothing and don’t think anything at all over the weekend. Ha, busy me as usual! Oh and I’m getting back to drawing. So it’s all good! Till next time!


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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