Too sore for too long! And it was rather an eventful weekend! For nearly two weeks, I have not been able to go to the gym so on Friday before my weekly meeting, I ran half mile then played badminton with friends for couple hours. This means my arms and my legs are sore. Then Saturday was 5K Mud Run. This means even more soreness. But it was a lot of fun!! And it took forever to wash off the dirt and mud. I donated my shoes, ha! Then later that night, I helped my teacher with her fundraiser. I not only help out but also perform my talent. This means even more soreness! I almost could not walk the next day. My left butt was kind of in pain as if I pulled it. (I hope I didn’t!) But it was all fun and hopefully, I’ll get back to the gym!

Stole these instagram photos from Kimberly & Janice. :P Our team is called Muddy Matadors! Would love to do another fun 5K run!

NatalieKai Excuse my awkward pose
I got to see my old friend from high school! Here she dressed up as Princess Jasmine. It was so nice to see her and her sister. Both of them made their own costumes and did their makeups and I thought that was awesome! And that was my outfit for the night. Felt very… Bollywood-ish, ha! This girl loves chocolate. LOVES chocolate. That she fought against another bidder and won a chocolate cake for $65. That was entertaining! Hahaha!

It was a nice busy break away from school. Now, I have to prepare for next semester and I’m just excited! I’m halfway done! Eek! Time goes so fast! And now to study for another midterm! Never thought I’ll enjoy school so much. I’m a lot more active this semester and it’s letting me get used to a whole new change. I like that. :) What’s your new change this month?!


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