Telescope at the Santa Monica Pier, but couldn’t take a peek because an Euro coin was stuck in the slot.

My first week of school was great! Definitely more challenging due to major courses and upper division courses. I’m currently taking three journalism courses and two anthropology courses. And I believe for the whole semester, I have about total of 20 papers to write! Can you feel my excitement?! (Just in case you didn’t know, that was sarcasm) But definitely looking forward to the whole semester. Not just school but social life too. I’m trying to get more involved and I have new roommates so it’ll be something different!

So I have a list of goals for this semester. One, start swimming. Not just for work out purpose but in a way to help with my breathings. I’ve noticed that I’ve been out of breaths sometimes too early during a game of basketball or other activities. And sometimes, my throat will close it more tighter than usual. So I’m hoping that swimming will help me with that issue, at least allow me to take more deep breaths. Two, draw more. I know I say this a lot. But finally found a style I like, I want to continue on improving it and find my own art signature. It’ll be fun! Three, be more actively involved. While I’m at CSUN, the least I can do is just get involved. So will see how does that go. Those are my three now. I’m sure more goals will come to me but as for now, these will do.

Recently, I finally found the perfect laces dress. Seems like my lace obsession is still within me. And now I found a new obsession! Galaxy print and all the starry nights! Anybody want to get me this or even this??

And as for the photo above. It has no relevance to the post but seems quite fitting for my school rants and my obsession, don’t you think?

Hope you all had great Labor’s Day weekend and a BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY BROTHER! :)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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