Back To School Mode

08-25-12 BeerBelly
Pork Belly chips, Duck Fat fries, Catfish N’ Chips from BeerBelly. YUMM and fantastic with good glass of beer!

Today was my first day of school and it’s nice to be back. I’ve been busy with orientation and giving myself a break away from the world. My detachment from the world was quite nice. I spent last weekend hanging out with Jeff’s friends in LA. What’s nice about that is since I don’t really know them well, I tend to be more quiet and in my “observing” mode. This also gives me some time to think and not be distracted. Saturday night, I went ice skating and fell hard on my knees. This made me not play tag with the boys for the rest of the night! While my knees were bruising and aching, I somewhat took on the (The Grove)Nike 10k run challenge. With my aching knees. And without my socks. Because I found out I only brought a sock. I figure I’ll just run a mile then stop and walk for a while. WRONG. Let’s say, because Jeff was running and my body wanted to run more, I couldn’t resist. So at the end of the weekend, I came back with aching knees and more blisters than I needed on my feet! Lesson learned!

Along the way, I’ve been also thinking about my blog. I don’t really want to create a new blog but instead, I want to transform this blog to what I’ve actually want it to be. So I want to create a focus for this blog. So far, I’m definitely want to start posting my arts and just tidbits of what I’ve been doing. So it will be still personal but it is a supplement to a profolio which I hope to create with good amount of pieces. I just got into traditional tattoos style and I’m loving it! So hopefully not only I’ll be focus but it will motivate me more to draw more pieces.

And this semester will be the first semester full of my major courses and probably the ones I enjoy, compared to my previous major, ha! So a professor (I never got his name, he was substituting for my professor) said, “You never want to be an average person. You want to be THE MAN or WOMAN, either one.” Then he went on how much work and dedication will we have to work through and it will be worth it all. Then he said that practice do help as well. Just keep writing, that’s the only way to get better! So I thought, cool I can definitely use this blog to practice! Not that I never did. I just need to get my mind set in this.

At the end, I hope to not just improve my writing, my drawing, my blog, but also the way I grow. And I want to look back and be able to see all the moments I document through this. What a great first day, don’t you think?

Wish the weather more fitting for me to take a scoop out of these cute tins! Anyone want to buy me these?

Psst, they even got birthday cake tea with the sprinkles!


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