A trip in Las Vegas

At the club, TAO

was pretty fun especially for me, someone who is not a big fan of Las Vegas. You would think, “Oh, now that she’s 21, she can play and have fun more!” Ha, still not my thing. I guess gambling or partying all night long isn’t my scene. Anyways! So we left on Thursday and stayed till Tuesday and there were about thirteen of us. Yes, thirteen! But it was fun!

07-26-12 LV
photobombed by Kimb & Leo, ha!

So we basically spend those days, gambling a bit (I have 0 net worth of loss. Hmm. I guess that’s kind of good thing? As long it didn’t go under! Haha!), celebrated Stacey’s birthday, meeting people at DeafExpo, clubbing with girls, having some late night (or early morning, it was about 4 in the morning) sundae, walking around the strip, gondola rides, finding out my pearl color, and of course, foods. :)

07-27-12 Waterfall
waiting for Fred’s poker tournament. He was so close though!

07-27-12 Afrogato
Affogato. Espresso + gelato = delicious!

07-29-12 Earls
A must!

07-29-12 Paris
Expensive, but why not!

07-30-12 BurgerBar
Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar. Self-explanatory

07-30-12 Gondolas
Instead of singing, we chatted for a bit then at the end she sang for us. Amazing voice!

07-30-12 Pearl
decided to find me a pearl!

07-31-12 Serendipity
Frozen hot chocolate french toasts straight from Serendipity3.

07-31-12 IcePan
Jeff & I ended the day with some of the delicious handmade ice cream! It’s lemon ice cream with lychees, strawberries, and mangoes! And the lady who served it to us was super sweet and funny! Perfect way to leave Las Vegas!

Yes, we ate out a lot! We pretty much spend the nights together to clubbing or during the days to visit casinos, some shows like illusion, a magic show, and for good part we pretty much went on our own. I’m thankful for a good group of friends for good times! Thankful for the drivers especially! Driving all the way from Calif or even just to drop us off at a club! So it was good time but I didn’t get to ride on one of the highest roller coasters, bummer! So do I miss Las Vegas? Not really. What I really miss from it? The foods. Just delicious! :)

After the trip, I gave myself a break and somehow got immersed into more thinking about what I truly want to do. You know, you can never really know every single details of what you really want to do. With your life, with your future, with your major, with your blog, too! Everything. It’s a good “soul-searching,” if you like to call that.


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