Thank You!

I must make a post to thanks all the supporters! :) Especially these lovely people I’ll mention soon!

First off, Kimberly!
I look horrible with sweat and excessive makeup for on-stage purpose but this girl dealt with it! :) I’m so thankful for Kimberly. She’s my chaperone and has helped me so much for the past two weeks and my trip to becoming Ms. Deaf CSUN and Ms. Deaf California! We have some pretty funny stories ourselves during the journey and had some amazing memories together! She helped painted my nails (’cause when it comes to second coat, I’ll mess it up!) and putting make-up that’s worthy to be on stage and working through zippers and zippers of my dresses! Not even to mention pinning on and off sashes during specific times of the days. Oh even better yet, she brings me lunches! Hahaha! The day she got sick, she still helps me any way possible! x) She made sure I practiced and prepared and assured that I will be fine. :) She’s just that awesome! THANK YOU!

Then we got Amanda, my state director (see from my previous post) and she helped me so much during the paper works and snacks for two hungry Asian girls! Hahaha and she worked with Kimberly on fixing my hair in attempt to make me look like I’m actually 21! She was a former Ms. Deaf California herself so it’s reassuring that she have some experiences with what I’m going through and super nice to know I can always ask for help! (Even though she seems to sleep very late every night, she’ll get ready to help with anything!)

Dan, president of CAD (previous post!), is probably the coolest president of any organizations I’ve met! Hahaha! He was state director before Amanda took his position and he ranked up! So he do have experience in the process as well! He actually got up 7 in the morning so I could practice my platform with him and tweaked it a bit. Very fun to be with! Both Amanda and Dan not only helped me but allowed me to freely be me and enjoy the conference!

Of course, can’t forget my family! They’ve been behind me 100 percent all the way! :) My brother just know what to say to make me happy (even though, it may not be always appropriate! hahah) and my dad is the silent one but always up for any texts or emails! :) Then my mother, good grief, we worked so hard on my dress. When I say “we” I mean 90% of the time, it’s my mom! She basically helped me find business outfits, hemmed all my pants (’cause I just have to be 5′ 1″), and fixed my dress to where it is now! We spent the last night staying up till 4 in the morning to hem and pack and all that! Truly thankful!

Then the good part goes out to boyfriend (for dealing with my madness and worries and staying up late for me!), roommates (for taking care of apartment situations when I’m gone! Hahaha), families from all over (all the way to Canada, Belgium, and China, super cool to know I got support around the globe!), friends (cheering me on from the start! Heck, I even got to see my friends at the conference!), and new friends I made over the two weeks!

Top 6 or not, this is for you guys!


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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