Two weeks in Kentucky

Got me missing home so much! :)
So Kimb, my chaperone, and I flew over to Kentucky where I rehearse, meet other young ladies, and compete for the Miss Deaf America Ambassador Program. It has been such an amazing experience and truly grateful to have this opportunity especially now the NAD (National Association of Deaf) has announced that this year, 40th anniversary, will be the last of the ambassador program! Bittersweet moment right there, hahaha.
So I’ll explain what I’ve been doing and show you some pictures!

Kimb and I actually flew a day earlier so we could rest up and get ready for first day! Well, our second flight (we flew from Santa Ana, Calif to Dallas, Texas to Louisville, Kentucky) we had 3 hours delay so by the time we got to Louisville, it was already midnight. So much for having rest! Hahaha. We spent our first week at Kentucky School for Deaf in Danville and it was our retreat week. The second week was the preliminaries and final. It has been pretty amazing experience just to make new friendships with not just 13 other ladies but so many more people I meet along the way. And there were some familiar faces like Taylor from Academic Bowl and Margo Cienik, my high school teacher. It was that awesome! :) Then of course, we were given opportunity to visit Louisville Slugger Museum, Churchill Down Derby horse track, and perform National Anthem at Slugger Field. Definitely great two weeks!

For a photoshoot fun!

Mickey Mantle’s bat at

Signing “Thank You” for a delicious lunch!

The Slugger Field! (but we left early ’cause it was so hot and sticky!)

Belle of Louisville steamboat ride for 4th of July! :)

& the fantastic chaperones! We couldn’t do it without them!

Churchill Down horse track! That day was the hottest ever, so hot they cancelled the horse race for the sake of the horses!

Getting ready for show time!


Miss Deaf Maryland/Miss Deaf America 2012-2014! Congratulations!

Dan Girard, CAD president! Thanks for the great support!

Amanda, my state director! Thank you for everything!

My family couldn’t come so instead I considered them as my family! My CSUN family! (the boys were on college bowl team too! Missing 3 people, ha) So glad that Kimb and I were not the only ones there :) Of course, we’re missing few people like Taylor from Washington/RIT, Allen from Montana/SWCID, and few other people. But knowing that they’re supporting is just great!

So these are just some photos Kimb took and I will search for more photos from other people! So it’s been a crazy 2 weeks! Also I have a facebook page up! So search “Ms. Deaf California Ambassador 2011-2013” and check more photos from there!

The day I flew back home, my immune system decided it was done for the day (or more ha!) so I got sick with itchy throat and runny nose! But it’s all good! My posting should be a lot more frequent now the competition is done! How was your week so far?! :)


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2 thoughts on “Two weeks in Kentucky”

  1. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! I’m glad you and Kimb had a fun time. It looks like it was an amazing experience :)

  2. Moi looks really tall….for some reason, must be an angle? or is he like that in real life? doesn’t feel like that to me o.O

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