School’s over

And I still have work to do for couple big events coming up in summer! So, in a way I can’t completely relax ha!
This week, not only I was able to finish a rough draft (See, I can’t relax yet!) I was also able to attend one of my best friends’ graduation last night! And I still have one more to go tomorrow evening!
(Warning: photos from iPhone. Didn’t think of bringing my danged dslr!)

Last evening, my friends and I walked to the campus but we didn’t know there will be interpreters provided. So we asked a volunteer to tell us where to go. Well in the midway, the police officer kicked us out of the route! We ended up taking much more longer way and we got blocked. People were literally fighting over to get seats near the graduates. We didn’t get our first I’m not bagging down on the way they did their operations but I do wish they understand that we need to get to the front so we can have interpreters right away instead of holding us half hour later! But anyways, the important thing is we got to see our friend graduate!

Congratulations, LEO! :)
& yes, that is a big head of him, haha. A couple friends had an idea so Kimb and I went to Fedex to print a huge picture of his head and we all signed on the back. It was awesome! He became popular instantly, all thanks to this fantastic poster!

It’s that big!

And everyone had so much fun with it, haha.
There were other friends who were graduating and I congratulate you guys as well! Now I have one more graduation to attend! :)

By the way did any of you guys see the annular solar eclipse last Sunday? Pretty cool!


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