Sometimes, you just have to breathe

A week left till finals week! Eek! It’s been hectic last week for me, at least. Kind of emotional roller coaster. But hey, you know what? Just calm and breathe. I’ve been venting out a bit. (Thank you, J for listening!) I have to say, I’m glad last week is over and kind of sad that I only have two more weeks of school left! I’m not that entirely ready for summer and for this semester to end. I know there’s fun stuff coming up for summer but I’m just not looking forward to not-so-fun stuff. Oh well, just got to get through it and hope things will work out! Last weekend was pretty fun, though!

Went to Spring Banquet the very last minute! I got to wear my $40 Betsy Johnson dress! But J and I got hungry. So we left around 11-ish for good ol’ In-N-Out. How I miss you!


New Girl-one of my favorite shows!

Then that night, Ji, J, and I didn’t sleep till 5:30 in the morning so we were pretty tired on Saturday. Ji took me to a house where she used to rent a room and then afterward, J took me to get some pho. I then ordered Volcano Halo Halo. MMMMmmm!


But the best culinary experience has to be at Nickel Diner in Downtown LA. I had a instagram of all the foods we ate, but nah I’ll put the best part!

Red velvet donut + Maple syrup bacon donut = Nomnomnom

Bubble Up soda + Hibiscus Sherbet = Wet Kiss aka My favorite drink ever!

I miss Wet Kiss already! Ah yes, I was in Downtown LA for evening gown shopping for my pageant! I’m glad to have found one and get that out of my way! Now onto business stuff!

Now I know I’ve been posting a lot of instagrams, but now I finished with my projects for my film photography class, I’ll get back to my dslr! :) Of course, I’ll still use instagram but not as much as recently! Phew!

Now back to school works! See ya! And may you have low stress, if none, week!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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