What “A Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”!

KJS :)
The past weekend was just busy! Especially on Friday night when Mr. Deaf CSUN pageant was held. The boy (yes, I call the contestants boys :p) in the middle is Joshua and Stacey and I were the chaperones for him. To be honest, even though I’ve experienced Ms. Deaf CSUN it was a whole another perspective for me as a chaperone. Nonetheless, I am indeed honored to be one of the people who has helped him throughout the competition. I was actually a little bit worried because he is a freshman and just started the college life but I’m glad to know that throughout I was able to see him at least grow a little bit. He didn’t win but I enjoyed working with him and it was just awesome to see him on the stage doing his stuff! During the competition, each contestant have to show their selves through platforms, talents, evening wear, and stage interviews. Yes, sometimes not everything is perfect but he did it all the way! And I was really proud of him! :) Congratulations Joshua for going this far! It has been a busy three months of practicing and attending workshops and just actually hanging out to make sure he’s prepared! Definitely reminded me of my experience! Now, Joshua, it’s time for you to just grow and learn for the rest of your college years! :)

This is not what I just been up to, I went to Cici’s Cafe with friends on Saturday and had humongous, yet delicious french toasts! And I was able to be part of Sign N’ Run event at my campus. So it’s definitely a lot going on! In addition to that, last week I had midterm and papers to do so I’m glad to have made it through!

If you don’t hear me back soon this week, do check out some blogs I’ve been treading through on my LinkToThem page! :)


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