A bowlful of noodles

keeps me happy for the night!
So I’m actually still eating this bowl of noodles. It’s taken me almost an hour to eat this much. You see, I got two of my wisdom teeth pulled. Yup, both on my right side. But hey look, I don’t look that bad?

not so swollen me
This is me, just few seconds after a long hour of yanking my teeth out. This is how I start my spring break! Ugh. So this is pretty much the biggest thing happen today. Surprisingly, my cheek doesn’t seem to be swollen as I thought and excuse my awkward facial expression.

Now I will proceed to explain what has really happened. So if you’re not up to reading or seeing somewhat graphic description, I advise you to skip the rest of the post and move along to your painless (I hope) day.

Now I’ve seen this procedure before (I actually watched my friend’s teeth being yanked out and the dentist was so nice enough to explain in such details!) so I knew what to expect, sort of. It was two in the afternoon when I’m sitting down with wad of sticky thing to numb my gums. Then the whole bottom right side was completely numb. I mean, you could slap me and I would feel nothing at all! The dentist injected another numbing medicine inside (that hurts!) then brought out several tools to work on my tooth. I didn’t wear hearing aids because it bothers me when my head is on the headrest. But I heard it. I heard the crack! My tooth had to be broken into two pieces before being yanked out. Then six stitches follow after. And the whole process repeat for my top one without the cracking part, thankfully! And then I waited for some hours before I could get my medications. This means waiting with 1 hour of crucial pain on my right side and whining to J. Now I got my medicine and am eating. I’m a lot happier, haha.

Oh yeah, my teeth! (I put it in black and white to spare you and the instagram followers)
04-02-12 Teeth

Here to the end of painful day! :)


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