Spring Break

is almost here! Well, actually it’s here! I finished my last classes today but boy, I need some sleep! Haha, first off let’s update what I’ve been up to last weekend. I was supposed to update on Monday or Tuesday but I was really tired and I had a midterm to study. I think it’s funny how I’m trying to post regularly, like to have a schedule. But I guess this week was midterms week so it’s bit harder. I’ll try to get back to some regular posting!
03-29-12 Bee
Beautiful day, eh?
Anyhoo, last Friday night I flew to San Jose. And the view from the plane was beautiful at night!
03-23-12 SanJose
I stayed there for two nights and two days. It was a nice weekend despite the weather. It rained on Saturday! I had a bad case of runny nose! But that’s okay, it wasn’t so bad.
Saturday, Amanda (she’s basically like my agent, haha) took her sister, her sister’s roommate, and me to Mozzeria. It’s a small, right-in-between restaurant started by a deaf couple. Everyone who works in the restaurant sign! It was nice to order by just signing to them and you could watch the pizza man make the pizzas! I ordered a pizza with poached egg, eggplants, and hollandaise sauce with side of arugula salad. It was delicious! It’s small but just enough to fill me up with its thick, soft crust and ooey gooey yolk! Hollandaise sauce is really perfect! I’m not a fan of it because it’s usually too rich but it’s just great and perfect for my taste!
03-24-12 Lunch
Yes, it’s that fantastic that I didn’t take time to picture the yolk dripping out and I licked the plate clean!
Then for the evening, I had to get ready for DCARA (Deaf Counseling, Advocacy, and Referral Agency) gala. It is their 50th anniversary and I enjoyed the night!
03-24-12 Dinner 03-24-12 Dessert 03-24-12 Strawberry 03-24-12 FancyOrangeJuice
There was silent auction, live auction (it’s pretty fun to watch it happen!), and the foods were delicious! I switched to vegetarian dish to keep with my lent and boy, it was delicious! Most of time, when someone orders vegetarian dish, it usually look unappealing but this one was just awesome and filling! I had what seems to be mushrooms and cheese mixed in pastry sheets on top of a mixture of quionas and wild rice along with some greens. Yum! I miss it already! Then for dessert, each table randomly pick a number and we had number 36. It has to be the best dessert ever out of other desserts! The other tables were staring and drooling over our! In my table, Amanda and I were the youngest ones. The rest were around 50 and up (but they were so cool to talk with!) and we had this one woman, Marta, who kept looking at other tables for their desserts. She would come and say, our dessert is indeed the best and light! We had Strawberry-covered-in-chocolate on top of chocolate-chipped-vanilla frosting and strawberry cupcake! So good! And we all ate them before the servers could give us plates, hee hee! Of course, I had one with giant strawberry as most of them couldn’t eat either a strawberry or too much sweet. As night went by, magician shows, awards were being given out to honor people who supported the event and the agency as well, it was time for champagne. Well most of my table were gone back home! And I couldn’t have some but the server was nice enough to get orange juice for me! Despite the rain, it was a fun evening!

Then Sunday looked a bit like this.
03-25-12 Dexter
That’s Amanda’s dog, Dexter. Early in the morning, I had photo shoot then for the rest of the day, we both just stayed at her place to take nap or just chilled. I watched the college basketball and Dexter was sleeping. Then finally, it was time to fly back to South California where J took me to eat some (veggie)hamburger! And I was just completely tired!

Midterm went well, I think. But I was glad to have this busy week over! It went by so fast, though and I didn’t realize that it will be only 4-5 weeks left till school is over for the summer! Yikes!

But for now I can get somewhat of a break before school resumes in two week! Happy early Cesar Chavez’s Day and hope your week was just as productive (I think? Well, for me yes!)
See ya!


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