“You are good as your last assignment”-Todd Bigelow

Left to right: Todd Bigelow, Toni Guinyard, Lorenzo Benet, Lauren Tobin, Tony Pierce.
This morning, I went to CSUN Journalism Career Day panel specifically for those who are planning to go into journalism or related field. It has to be one of the best beneficial events I’ve went to. It made me realize about all different components in developing yourself when searching for job. And also how to be aggressive, to make yourself stand out. It also give me an opportunity to see what’s the job will be like and how they will have to deal with finding job and keep working (you basically can be expected to be “booted” out every once a while.) So here we have Todd Bigelow, a freelance photographer, Toni Guinyard, TV reporter at KNBC, Lorenzo Benet, Director of Media Relations, Loren Tobin, Owner of Panther PR, and Tony Pierce, a Blog editor. So the panel is supposed to give the students information on what to expect and how to make yourself look great! There are few things that struck me the most.

1. The quote I used as the title of this post. Basically, whatever you do, you have to do better the next time you do it. You don’t want to come off as average. Yes, it’s good to be versatile but be better each time. Average in everything you do is not better compared to best in one area. Basically, don’t just be good, be better in what you do. I think this applies to general.

2. Do a blog. Now that’s a first to me. Tony was saying that blog is useful in everything. It will also be where you can practice your writing and also how often you write. If you can write almost everyday, that’s even better. It can be used as your resume to show employers that you do write and you can do everything. Also, it will show some ideas of what you do. This guy has like 15 blogs, crazy! But then, he’s a blog editor. Being a blog editor would be fun for me, I think. And according to him, if you’re working in newsroom you have to write at least two stories each week. But, if you’re a blogger you have to write 3-4 stories a day. Because of the technology, it’s so much faster and you find your information through social media, especially with Twitter. Lorenzo works at People magazine and he said that he found 70 percent of the stories through Twitter. So tweet along!

3. Toni said, “You don’t know what you will do 50 years from now.” That’s true but there’s several reasons behind it. One, you may start out with a goal in your head but you have to (should!) do internship because maybe by then, you find out you don’t like it. Two, not a lot of people can have a job in this field that last for more than a decade. Toni was booted out after few years. She is also part time freelancer. Which leads to this, be financial prepared when you graduate.

4. Do what your passion is. That’s a no brainer. But if you do what you love, you achieve much more and you motivate yourself. And you feel more into your job as well. That goes for everyone, I believe.

Just few things I’ve learned from the panel. Then I had opportunity to talk with Tony and Todd because I felt more related to them even though I should try talk to Lorenzo considering he works for a magazine. But they were both very friendly and helpful. So as of now, just keep the blog, set up LinkedIn, get internships, keep taking pictures and keep writing, keep in mind about where to post my pictures, and have good networks (starting with professors!). I show up to this panel session not because I have to or because of extra credit but to see what I may have it coming for me. And at the end I realized something very important. I’m serious about this. And I’m happy about it. :)

And that’s what I’ve learned from today. Oh and one last one, “never say no to opportunities!”- Lorenzo Benet.

Now, I must go pack for my trip this weekend!
Wrap me up, return to sender
Let’s forget this five years bender
Take me to the city by the bay!


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