Celebrating St. Patricks

at an Indian restaurant is pretty spiffy! Last Saturday, J and I had opportunity to attend SCADA’s (Southern California Asian Deaf Association) Lunar Banquet and the theme is India! We were able to try some Indian foods which were quite delicious! Also, they had Indian dancers to show their dances. It was fun!


Then we ended up at Milk for dessert. I had a scoop of Bailey’s and a scoop of Guinness Chip just in celebration of St. Patrick’s day and they were surprisingly good! J had strawberry ice cream macaron sandwich, nomnomnom!


Then on Sunday, we volunteer at the first time ever Signing in the Street at Disney Downtown. They had deaf guests from shows like Switched at Birth and Matt Hamil, the boxer. We walked around and took some pictures. They even had this cute toy hearing aid for your stuffed animals, specifically from Build-A-Bear Workshop. It do look like hearing aid! It was fun but pretty exhausting weekend for us. We ended up eating at BJ’s for their awesome pizza.

Left side: Portobello Mushroom for me! Right side: Bacon Cheeseburger for J! :)

Most of us were away from apartment but almost all my roommates got sick! Yikes! Feel better, girls! For the past week, it seems like one by one, everyone including the boys were getting sick! Some got better, some got worse! Boo!

With all that happening over the weekend, I’m glad to be back at apartment to just relax for a bit. Then another big trip this weekend, all the way to San Francisco! Yup!

Stay warm! (it’s pretty windy over here!)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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