Lazy weekend!

Kind of. First of all, let’s do this!
See that girl with little crown? It’s her big 2-1 last weekend! :) Woo! Last Friday night, these ladies, birthday girl Des, and I (excuse my awkward hand position.. I was trying to hold my keys while looking.. not-so-awkward. Oi, maybe the daylight saving really delayed my brain on coming up with such vocabulary.) went to eat at Fresh Grilled Corn! It was delicious!
Veggie Pizza
I ordered Veggie Pizza (sticking to my Lent resolution!) and man, I was glad to order it instead of salad! It was really scrumptious and filling! Enough to last me the whole night! Yup, afterwards we all went clubbing at the club, Rage. And it just happened that the Big Bang was the main Asian music (every Friday, it’s Asian themed night) so I was able to catch some songs I knew and watch newest music video of them. It was fun and Des got her first drink! Danced and talked and sat down to rest my feet! It was exhausting that night especially when I slept at 2 in the morning and had to wake up before 9 the next day.

Dearest Desiree, Happy birthday! :) WOO! I had so much fun at the Grilled Corn and at the club! And I’m glad you like your present! Yay!

Then for the rest of the weekend, beside going to Jeff’s dentist appointment, it was rather lazy. We both even had 4 hours nap on Saturday. Then we kind of just slept through on Sunday to adjust to daylight saving. How many of you got up on time the next day? Hehe, I know I did! :)

Then at some point, I got really frustrated with myself. I just do. Sometimes. It’s normal. I think. Ha! So to relieve my stress, I did something I have not did for long time. Sketch and color with crayons! Now, my drawings don’t always look great because when I’m stressed, things become ugly. But it is therapeutic for me so after few pictures, I did a pretty nice one.
Be Cool
It’s a reminder for me, I guess. Just to be cool and calm. Funny, I didn’t really plan out the concept but it just happen to be.

While I’m still going on with Instagram photos… here’s one from tonight!
Sweet Sticky Rice in Bamboo!
Excuse my boy’s silly face, he was excited to eat this treat. Sweet sticky rice in bamboo is so good! And perfect ending for today. Yup, I had pretty good Monday. How about you?

& remember, stay cool. ;)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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