Next set of Polaroids

So I was trying to finish up my pack of polaroids in my SX-70 so I can buy new one and get a ND filter for it to balance out the “over-exposed” part. I pretty much messed up all last three but nothing like Sharpie can’t do! :) But for now these polaroids are in their “raw” format. Kind of cute charm to them.

My key necklace I made with old key, yarn, and beads. I should show you a clear picture of it. It’s really pretty and one of my favorite necklace to wear!

I bought couple puddings from a bakery. They came miniature milk bottle and were adorable! Too bad, it’s really over exposed, but you can see a little long-neck spoon sticking out.

And lastly,
This was an mistake, but here’s your chance to use it for your imagination. Feel free to save it and draw on it or whatever your heart desire!

As for the swap meet thing I mentioned earlier, I’ll get to that in next post. :) For now it’s time for me to get ready for school tomorrow!
Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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