Happy Chinese New Year!

Goh Hay Fat Choy! Gong Shi Gong Shi! Yesterday, my family and Winnie’s family celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve lunch together and it was a really good ending to my winter break!
You see, we started out with a great feast.
My favorite part?
The amazing sticky rice my mom always make! And few other goodies that I did not really try to take pictures because I was starving!

Then from that point, Winnie pretty much took over the rest of the day with her fashion statements.
It started out with fun stuff like tattoos and pushing cousins on the swing (okay, that wasn’t not relevant to fashion statements thing but it was fun, ha!)
Then she rocked this Top Gun styled helmet.
But she felt this viking hat made her look a lot better.
Finally, traded the viking hat for snowboard headgear and gloves.

Then eventually at the end of the day, she liked the viking hat so much we gave it to her, haha.

And today marks the first day of Chinese New Year! And my first day of school. Hooray. Or should I say Hooray!! Today, so far everything has worked out well. Met up with someone to help me see through this major changes, went to the very first class, ART 250, which is probably the coolest class ever! It’s photography I and we are using SLR to make black and white photos. This means hands-on experience in dark room! I’m so excited that I didn’t really talk to the professor on how will it work when it comes to dark room as I couldn’t see the interpreter, haha. Now for this week, I’ll be working on trying to add some classes I need and then I’ll be set for the rest of the semester! I’m really excited about this! :)

Here to a brand new start!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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