Art Show 2011 by Mr. Brainwash

Yesterday, Jeff and I went to check the exhibition, Art Show 2011 by Mr. Brainwash. It was pretty awesome especially the quotes. I love the quotes and I guess walking through this exhibition (3 floors of it) got me kind of back into my artsy side even though it’s all graffiti plastered over Pollock-ish elephants and oversized spray cans lying by the paint-splattered cars. Uh.. Just go ahead and see for yourself. (And I’m particularly proud of how I took the photos with lightings and angles and with my short statue.)












My favorite part of the exhibition was this whole floor with writings over the walls (like the Life Is Beautiful one) and had sayings like “I will learn to be a better person” and other quotes. I guess because typography is my thing. In my current sketchbook, I’m trying to make series of letters with no boundary lines so it’s pretty fun and it’s my favorite thing to draw now. Yup. Pretty fun exhibition. Even got to meet Mr. Brainwash himself and he signed the posters. (Score! Free posters and postcards! I love postcards. It’s a thing ever since Darren took me to Grad Show in Art Center College of Design. It’s awesome.) “Life Is Beautiful” can be seen everywhere, it’s a theme along with hearts, and spray cans all over.

My favorite piece is the one with quote, “Never never give up.” I guess it’s a quote for me to think about. At this point, I’m actually wringing my brain over this whole “major changes” mainly because I can’t handle Computer Science. No, it’s not that CompSci major won over me but it’s starting to grow tiresome on me to the point where I don’t like it and I lose all the motivation. So changing major seems to be a good option. But there’s another issue, what major? I don’t want to go to art major because I rather go to other school for that. But I would like a major that allow me to bring my creative juices flowing but at the same time have good job outlook for other financial purposes. Doesn’t really help when the school doesn’t have a long list of majors. So yeah. This is also the reason why I was really stressing in the beginning of my winter break (Does the word “break” ever have meaning to me?) So while it seems trivial it’s kind of big deal for me and walking through the building Mr. Brainwash had delightfully decorated with his pieces (and several other taggers had their shares) got me really thinking of how do I really want to do 3rd and 4th (and maybe 5th) years. One thing for sure: Never never give up. :) Although if you guys have any suggestions or advices about this situation, drop a comment!

Excuse my long rambling.. but another thing for 2012 (just right around the corner!) I want to keep it real. It’s on my resolution list, ha!
Maybe I ought to make an official list.

By the way, if you’re in LA tomorrow’s (or today if you’re reading on 29th of December) is the last day for you guys to check out the Art Show!

See yah!


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2 thoughts on “Art Show 2011 by Mr. Brainwash”

  1. Have you watched the documentary called “Exit Through the Gift Shop”? It’s about street art and the rise of Mr. Brainwash. The last time I saw it, it was on netflix. Definitely worth watching.

    1. Actually, I haven’t but I do know that this work is based on that documentary. Definitely got to check it out! Thanks for reminding me! :)

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