On happier note…

as my few previous notes seem to be stressful, ha! So what’s really been happening? Well, a lot.
So if you haven’t noticed, I had a haircut! Now the party’s over, I can finally show you!

This is how long it was. (excuse my weird look)
In a middle of haircut. And check my “tail” on the counter. It’s definitely more than 10 inches! And all ready to be sent to Locks of Love. :)

I don’t have the final haircut photo on my computer instead I’ll show you some pictures from Secret Santa Party.
So this is how I look now. And this is Lieurene.. who is obviously shorter right?!
A better look on the other side. So my left side is long and my right side is short.

Pretty chic and a great way to start my winter break, a fresh new start!
Today, my family and I had lunch with Winnie and her family. Winnie is still adorable!
The studs, except for the middle one. He’s a goof.
Not my greatest hair day but yup, that’s how short it is! And my mum and aunti looking great!
I couldn’t resist showing my favorite picture of the day. Winnie learned the idea of “Stop!” from a game, Red Light, Green Light. And she’s pretty enthusiastic about it, haha.

And finally, I know it’s late but I finally got around to being crafty with gifts. I can’t show you yet, but I’m thinking of doing a quick tutorial just for fun! I’ve decided to try to go green so I saved up my old presents’ tissues papers and found some ribbons and beads lying around and used them. And I still have two more to go then I’ll be all set for giving the presents! Crafting makes me feel happy and at ease from all the things happening.

With only minutes away… Merry Christmas and give someone a kiss under the mistletoe or catch a basketball game! Whichever floats your boats.


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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