Fail Date?

Haha, but still nice and cheap, money-wise. First, Jeff need to get a haircut. But I found this!

When you have a suitcase full of Yu Gi Oh cards (and Pokemon, I think), you know its serious!

Anyways, Jeff’s hair is now cut. It looks actually good. And I help with the right side (so he couldn’t cut off his tail. He had that tail for almost a year) and trimming the top part. I’m actually kind of surprised he would let me cut his hair after a mishap last year. But I did better this time! Here is how it looks now.


Oh and this was taken today after his shower.

Now the fail date refers to today. You see, today was our one year and nine months! (YAY!)
And our objectives for today were these:
1. Get free ice cream from Lake Street Creamery. (I have the voucher from livingsocial.)
2. Jeff wants to buy a faux-plug.
3. Jeff were going to buy me a gift.
4. I was going to buy lotion.

What happened was that none of these happened. First we left to Vertugo Bar to get our objective numero uno. Well, we thought the truck would be outside and we can just go and get our ice cream. It was indoor. We didn’t exactly want to go inside the bar to get ice cream. So we left to Glendale Galleria. We couldn’t find the faux-plug Jeff wanted. He couldn’t find something for me (well, I didn’t have any specific thing I want so that doesn’t exactly help him find what he could buy for me, heh). And I was planning to buy lotion before we left. Well the store closed. At 7:00pm. Oi. But for the cheap part, we had McDonald’s for lunch, ha! Yay for 50 chicken mcnuggets for 10 dollars!

Wednesday will be a better day for when we get objectives number 2 to 4. For the ice cream, we will go to either Santa Monica or LA Art Walk. And no sketches because I haven’t sketch for the 30 days thing (more of working on other things) and my paint set hasn’t arrived. Also, I still need to set up my scanner, ha! Good weekend, still. :)


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