Day 4

The very last day we spent at San Francisco! Woke up early (or we tried to) to sign out of the hotel and head to Coit Tower. It was close to our hotel and it can over see the whole city! We didn’t go in the tower as there was a long line but you still can see a view outside. It was amazing to see all over the city!

Day4; Coit Tower
Hi, Christopher Columbus!

Day4; Alcatraz Island
That’s Alacatraz Island. We did not have a chance to go there but we’ll try to the next time! And check this, see the clouds on top? It’s been floating there in early morning. It’s pretty cool and I’m sure it’ll look cool by the Golden Gate Bridge!

Then we head to Japantown. This is one amazing place! We went to Belly Good Cafe for crepes with ice creams (they make faces on your ice cream!). I unfortunately don’t have the picture (The one where they both are kissing, hee!). They were delicious and perfect for the warm weather! But I do have a picture of this.

Day4; The Samurai
A fearsome… uhh.. happy samurai!

Then it was off to visit California Academy of Sciences! :) It was so big! And we both did not get to finish visiting all. We managed to check out the first floor, the rainforest, and part of the aquarium! We still have to check out the roof and 2 more floors! If you’re students, I suggest you go early and get student admissions! Or visit Nightlife there if you’re 21+. :)

Day4; Shark underneath
Shark right underneath our feet!

Day4; Starfish face
I tried to take good pictures, but the fishes kept swimming by. Look, this one looks like it’s about to go into Jeff’s mouth, ha!

Day4; Sea Hourse
So pretty and delicate, yet creepy at the same time.

Day4; Finches
Did anyone remember Darwin’s finches from biology?

Day4; Lady Beetles
No lady beetles are alike!

Day4; Undersea
This was actually underground, right under the rainforest!

Day4; Butterfly
In the rainforest, there were several butterflies and birds and some creatures all over right in the exhibition!

Day4; Poison Dart Frog
Yes, those are poison dart frogs. And they’re right out in the open. Not in a glass cage. It was cool! And these guys are so tiny!

The museum is an awesome place and the biggest we’ve ever been! It is definitely one of the top places to go when you’re at San Francisco! Then it was time to go. So we grabbed some snacks for the road, couple cookies from Hot Cookie (heehee!) and Ike’s Sandwiches. Then we’re off on the Highway 5 back to Los Angeles. It was a fun weekend and I’m glad to spend with Jeff under the fireworks. :)

So that’s it for the San Francisco trip!
psst, noticed anything different about these pictures? ;)


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