Day 2!

Day 2 was so much fun! Our original plans were actually reversed for this day.
We started out at Exploratorium museum. We did not go in but next time, we’ll check in on one of their free days! And they had this lovely palace next to it. There was an Indian wedding going on at the same time. It was beautiful place!

Day2; O
Can you see what’s in the “O”?

Day2; Corgi Mix
It’s a Corgi Mix! I’m not so sure about this one. It might be just a dog with interesting fur colors, ha. (But I saw two that day. I wish I took a photo of the other one, it was just as beautiful as this one. It was a Corgi mix with Border Collie but I’m not sure what’s the one in the picture is.)

Day2; Columns

Day2; The Palace

Then we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge. The line was long! So we moved on and luckily found a parking space just a hike below the sight! Although we made couple trips back to the car because we forgot to take the Polaroid camera, it was nice to walk up there actually. Then they had a trail so we walked down and got closer to the bridge, snapped some more before moving on.

Day2; Golden Gate Bridge
“Everyday’s so caffinated, I wish it was Golden Gated.
Fillmore couldn’t feel more miles away…”

Left to the Golden Gate Park after couldn’t find any parking spot for Fillmore Jazz Festival. The park is HUGE! And so much places to explore! When we come back, we’re definitely dedicating a day to explore just this park! Several gardens and some cool musuems all over!

Day2; Top of the World
At the top of the world! Heehee, or so he says!

Day2; Squirrel
This squirrel was so close that I didn’t need to zoom in. In fact it was just a foot away from my feet!

Day2; Lobster Roll
We were hungry and wanted to eat before we checked out the California Academy of Science. This, my friends, is called Lobster Roll (from Sam’s Chowder Truck) and is so delicious! Buttery, garlic sauce just coated the pieces of lobster on top of toasted bread. YUM! We were actually kind of too late to go to California Academy of Science, so we tried our luck at Fillmore Jazz Festival. And we did! With only 30 minutes left to spare!

Day2; Piano Man
The piano man was singing and playing! We got some cupcakes on sale! And I picked a treat to eat, fried grape Kool-Aid. Yes. You read that right! I unfortunately don’t have the picture (Jeff took it with his camera. So when I get my hands on his pictures, I’ll bring it up!). It was delicious, surprisingly! Fillmore Jazz Festival is a place to be if you want to walk on blocks of foods, vendors, and listening to jazz tunes all day!

Ate at Wayo Sushi for dinner.

Day 2; Wayo Sushi
Ordered Mango Specials and another roll after but didn’t take a picture. It was yummy but decent. Kind of pricy for a small, decent rolls. But the chef was very kind.

And we were still hungry after so we ate some of our cupcakes! The most interesting flavor would be the lemon-blueberry cupcake with basil frosting. The frosting is actually sweet with a hint of basil. And that was just enough for us for the day.

And here are the sketches you’ve been waiting for!
Day4; Favorite Place

Day 4
“Like a bad movie, I’ll drop a line
Fall in the grave I’ve been digging for myself…
But there’s room for two
Six feet under the stars…”

Day5&6; Bestfriend(s)&FavoriteBook

Day 5 & 6
(I gave myself couple more people as my best friends. And don’t mind the right person. That was supposed to be me, ha) The book is ONE of my favorites and the most recent one I read.

Day7&8; FavoriteMovie&FavoriteAnimatedCharacter

Day 7 & 8
I actually don’t have favorite movie, but by gosh that movie was scarily fun! If you know what is it (there’s clue in the corner!), go watch it! As for the Stitch Plush, if someone could get me a plus that looks like this or make me one, I’ll love you forever!!

Day9&10; FavoriteTVShow&FavoriteCandy

Day 9 & 10
Well, Glee isn’t just my favorite, there’s more! (Haven’t you noticed, I don’t really have a single favorite except for few categories like the candy and animated character??)

And that’s all for now! Long post, whew. I’ll stop here and continue on my sketches :) Stay tuned!


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