Recap! Day 1!

So I’ve decided I will separate the posts through days. There are just not enough time or space to show you all the photos but there will be handful. :) Sketches will up soon! Okay! The recap of Day 1 starts now!
Jeff and I woke up early in the morning and decided to go on 101 instead of 5. Long ride but somehow fun. Or annoying. It’s probably because I kept on moo-ing or because Jeff kept on talking about different Percy Jackson-like scenarios (You should definitely read the series, I enjoyed them a lot!).

Day1; Fog
The first part of the trip, we drove through a thick fog. It was interesting but brought up a Percy Jackson-like scenario about a god of fog half-god, half-human and god of water fighting against eachother.

Day1; Broken sign
Only few hundred miles to go!

Day1; Gum Alley
Stopped by San Luis Obispo to visit the Gum Alley.

Day1; Gum World

Day1; JK
I found my friends’ gum marks! :)

Day1; Outlines
Making our marks.

Day1; Our GumHearts
The final outcome, ta dah!

Day1; Firestone Grill
Stopped by Firestone Grill for some chows. The tri-steak sandwich was just perfect and tender, the fish taco was refreshing and the fries were yummy!

Day1; Tall People
Back on the road for few more hours. See those tall people? ‘Cause I’ve been dozing off here and there that I thought they were real every time we pass by!

Day1; Cows
Mooo.. (Yes, there are black and white cows!)

Day1; Forest

Day1; Creme Brulee
Stopped by San Bruno for a short break at Never Too Latte. The creme brulee was just delicious!

Day1; Hotel Room
Checked in the hotel, San Remo Hotel. It was rather cute and small. But not bad for location and for price (for us broke college students, ha!)
And we decided to look around since the night is still young!

Day1; Cable Car

Day1; LombardSt.
It was really hard to take a nice picture without a tripod! Jeff managed to get some pretty shots!

Day1; Ghirardelli Square
So pretty at night!

Day1; Pizza
Had Fisherman’s Wharf pizza at Fisherman’s Pizzeria. Quite yummy for a late night food before we hit the bed. Whew! And that’s day 1 of the trip!

More to come!


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One thought on “Recap! Day 1!”

  1. funfun! :) love your pictures. haha jeff’s expression.. it’s like he’s ready to say ‘SPARTAAAAN!”

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