This, my friend, is mango and strawberry (with chocolate drizzle) on top of shaved ice with condensed milk. This is what I had for my birthday. This is my lunch. And my breakfast, ha! So on Tuesday, I invited some friends over to Guppy’s House at Rowland Heights and had this (along with fries and popcorn chicken) and Jeff came back home early so he came to surprise me! Yay!
Then there was this.

This is my melted Hello Kitty cake. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture when it was less gooey. Oh well, but it was delicious still and Denis made it especially for me!

This was very entertaining. We went to Round1 after for arcade fun and just before we left, there were some arm wrestling among all the boys, ha!

This is baked salmon roll and it is very delicious! Ate at Niko Niko Sushi and very yummy!

& it came with this!

This shows how much my friends celebrate my birthday! You can really see how passionate Leo was, haha.

It was a fun birthday! But then I had to go because I have a filming the next day (If you guys have time, catch up the 3rd episode of Switched at Birth because that’s where I am! And I will be in the very last episode!).

And then I had a breakfast date with my boy at the Griddle Cafe where I ordered this.
I ordered Banana Pancakes and boy, we couldn’t finish not even half of it! But we managed to finish Jeff’s food which was sunny side eggs with refried beans and cheese and all the good stuff.


Ended with this. (Apple juice for Jeff, ha)

As you can see from all of “this”, it was a good week. And for today, I got to see my little cousins and had a big lunch feast. There were 15 of us so loads of foods were brought to the table. Ahh.. foods. Now off to burn the calories from this whole week!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

6 thoughts on “This.”

  1. it was nice to celebrate your birthday :) speaking of vin, i don’t see him :O unless that’s his arm infront of the picture? HAHAHH

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