Bridesmaids-A funny movie!

Yesterday, Leo, Kimberly, Ji Young, Moi, and I went to visit Janice at her mom’s restaurant called Natural Food Nature’s Niche (I apparently did not pay attention to my picture.. Sorry!). It was quite adorable to see Janice in apron and taking orders from us although there were bit of bickering about payment issues. Nonetheless we enjoyed the foods and we liked seeing Janice being as our waitress! Haha!

Taking our orders, heehee!

Explaining her specials of the day. Haha

Deciding what to order.

“The customer is always right! Right?”

“Yes!… Hmm.. I want…” (he ordered Tuna Melt, fyi)

Afterward, we all went to watch Bridesmaids! Luckily there was one close by with captions so we hopped and left! The movie was funny! Think it as female version of Hangover. Yes, there are booze, pukes, and weird love (but no extra baby. Unless you count in pups!). Definitely not a chick flick, but I do recommend watching with your friends, boys and girls! Even Leo and Moi enjoyed the movie!

Then we got hungry. Ha. Well, Moi left back home then for the rest of us, we ate at OkiDoki. It’s Asian-style cuisine and they were quite yummy! We ordered foods from ramen to kimchi soup to pho to rice!

& I received email from Jeff, as of right now he should be flying over to southern Thailand!
It was a good day!


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