2 more weeks left…

’till it’s finals and school’s over! :o Just… the end of my second year already! Yiip! it’s been way too long since the Easter weekend. Let’s see.. Because I had a busy weekend and also a busy time, I won’t be posting a lot for the next few weeks. I’ll bring updates when I can. :) But after this, it will be just days of school and nights of studying.. Yip!

Oh, want to know what I did over the weekend? :)

Saturday was Deaf Basketball Tournament. It was hosted at my school so I got to see my high school teachers and some OG’s as well, hahah.

Here’s Wally, one of the OG’s, hahaha. He’s also our high school team’s coach. Our team lost 2 but won 1, not bad. :)

Just because. I mean c’mon, look at this kid’s face! :p

I love the lighting in this picture.

I think this could be a cute wedding picture. :p

Yay, all the buddies! :D

I definitely like this picture. :)

Sunday- Whale Watching! My interpreter gave me two tickets to Whale Watching at Long Beach. Cool beans :)
We saw a lot of sea animals..

It was hard to take a picture of dophins since they swim so fast! And the whale was just soo shy that its body just peeked.
But I managed to catch these fishes! :p

Oh so colorful! :)

And there were Polaroids pictures :D

Jeffy has a better picture. I’ll put it up eventually :p. Afterward, we had Roscoe’s House of Waffles and Chicken. Good stuff! No pictures because they look horrible, so just imagine succulent chicken wings with sweet waffles. Just simple and soo good! :)

& that was my weekend :) Now back to school, oy!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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