Sorry about the long hiatus. I still have not upload my pictures over the spring break, but I will do it soon then you can see how my spring break went! :) I’m feeling a lot better than before. The whole spring break was bit of eh due to my swollen-up throat! But it’s settled down and I’m feeling more energetic than before! ha! :)

School’s back. Only 5 more weeks left to go! So soon! And it will mark the end of my 2 years! Dang! So, I’m eating a hot breakfast (YAY!) and typing this up but no new pictures.

Except for this;

… I WANT! I stumbled this in my friend’s tumblr. AMAZING RING! That’s just bloody brilliant!! :)
Okay, I shall eat and get ready for school! :)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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