Hello folks!!

I’m back! :) Well, I never left. But let’s do some update yah?
First thing first, I have not been able to make special announcement on March 9th.
So Desiree, I hope you had a great fantastic birthday! :) We went to BJ’s and her boyfriend came and surprised her! (sort of. She kind of knew he was coming, haha) And then we baked some red velvet cake!


Next thing would be Clippers vs. 79ers game! Jeff had two tickets to the game and so we went and watched the Blake Griffin Show on his birthday! Unfortunately, 79ers were playing bit too dirty on him and so much fouls happened. Clippers lost, but we were glad to watch the game :).

Yeah, that’s right. Blake Griffin got fouled by 79ers and they had bit of a fight. Oh well. But after Griffn’s free throws, there were so many fouls happening that the coach of 79ers got technical foul and kicked out of the game. Crazy. Fun still :) Thanks Jeff for taking me out! :D

Do you remember how I was so incredibly busy because of the event coming up? Well that event is now done! On March 20th, we had our 4th annual Sign N’ Run. Unfortunately… it rained. The clouds literally poured and poured water! So it was pretty much Sign N’ Rain. But despite few setbacks, we managed to go on with it and it went well in some way. Thanks to Moi for walking with the group under the rain! And so much thanks to people who showed up to do the entertainment!

Woo! I even got to see my parents and some of my friends’ parents too!

I believe this is all for now. I’m just bit more relieved and finally caught up with all the school stuff :D

Oh yes, please send some love to Japan after all those earthquakes! Scary thing! I’m just glad some of my friends who have family and friends in Japan are okay. Japan, keep on fighting! :)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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