My conciousness landed me in the head.

Or neck. Hmm. Today, my brother, at last minute, invited me to go boarding with him and his friend, Danny at Mt. Baldy.
The trip was 30 minutes, not bad. But pretty rocky considering the mountain is very, very rocky. The weather was warm, warmer than previous boarding trips I went. So warm, I could just wear long sleeve without jacket. It does get cool as you got higher but you’re too busy boarding that you’re actually sweating (and can feel it!). The slopes were easy and simple (at least the ones we went to). Since it is also hiking place, there are some spots that are just flat. Or just maybe 5 degrees drop to keep your board sliding. Lots of pinecones and rocks which just meant before the next trip, my board will need some waxing. So far so good, fell down few times. Had a really good carving practice while the boys work on their butterings. The flat section allow them to work on it which is nice. Few tumbles down, doesn’t hurt. Maybe just ice going up in your shirt few times. It’s alright. I still can board. Cool beans. :)

Now, the next part would be interesting but not exactly good news, either. So you may skip all the way to the end or forget about this whole ridiculous post.

It wasn’t then we head to the playground. Just a miniature playground with rainbow rail, staircase rail, couple ramps and there. KaHo attempts 3 tries at doing 360’s, failed. The last one hit him hard so he was done. I tried 3 times just jumping. First time failed, second time land halfway (ohhhh soo close!), third time. Well you know how they say third time is a charm?

Here is what I remember (or vaguely, which may be a sign that I need my head checked?). I went down, avoiding some thin spots. Got myself ready to jump then I felt my tail hit something and alas, I was on the ground, trying to get my helmet off (I was making sure my hearing aids were okay since the left one just shut off). So according to Danny and KaHo’s explanation along with hand gestures through my blurry vision, I did jump but I lost control of my board. My board was in weird direction and I naturally flip myself but only to land halfway through the flip. You can say I was unconscious when I was in the air and my body wanted to flip but I don’t have enough momentum and I started to realize I was heading for the ground, landing on my neck. Ouch, huh?
I’m okay. (seriously. My neck doesn’t hurt at all. Nor do my head.) KaHo said it was soft landing on soft snow so injury wasn’t bad. So thankfully I was well. I wanted to go back again, but KaHo told me I was done for. Oh well. Till next time. Oddly the only things that hurt are my thumb (sore from accidentally using my thumb to keep my balance while carving? I don’t make sense. Please ignore me.) and my right ankle (I think it’s just weak? but why is it hurting, I do not know). I do appreciate having my helmet though! Alas, so I will review my strange action when KaHo finish editing his videos.

We ate In-N-Out afterward and oddly, Danny was very, very sore. KaHo has a point though. He and I were the ones who fell down a lot and got hurt mostly from trying to jump. But we weren’t so sore. Hmm. Well, the burger and fries taste good and I’m happy.

So the whole point of my experience? …*cricket chirps*…
None. Except for a very minor part: WEAR YOUR HELMET!
But the big deal was nothing. I’m actually kind of speechless while KaHo and Danny were doing their hand gestures to symbolize me jumping then falling down. I guess my mind went blank. I am, of course, disappointed that I didn’t make it but doesn’t regret jumping.

Maybe I need my head check? I don’t know.

Well, I start my first snowboarding trip with a bang on my head and end my last snowboarding trip by landing on top of my neck. Hmm. Yah. Good night, people. :)

P.S. when I get hold of the video, I will share with you so you can be amazed by my … landing.


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