Fundays! :)

Alrighty, so I’ve been able to keep myself busy for a while :)
Firstly, on the 12th, Leo, Kimb, Denis, and I went to visit our high school to talk about Sign N’ Run event (I suggest you guys go check it out :)) and try to sell some raffle tickets, hehehe. Then we walked around trying to find our teachers but I guess they left, bummer! Next time! Went to get some drinks (and mushubis for Leo and me!) and bumped into our teachers again, hahaha. Had a pretty good catch-up conversation.

Then on the 13th, Leo and Stacey planned an ice skating get together. It was quite funny because few of them still have to learn how to skate that time but now, they’re getting better! :) And I got to see my boyfriend, :p. We skated and skated and some of us fell, hahahaha. But it’s all good! Then went to grab some dinner and met at Leo’s house to play Kinect. Oi, so addicting, hahaha and so fun :p

Finally on the 14th (yesterday) a group of friends and I went to celebrate Moi’s birthday! YAY!
We went to watch Black Swan. It was very. interesting. o.o The whole movie, Jeff and I talked about everything, ahahaha. And making sure we get it. There were some scenes that are very… inappropriate for children (hence the rating of R) but very.. interesting, hahaha. And I do enjoy it but sometimes I just get the chills! Oooh! Then we went to play Round1 but thought we should eat first. Niko Niko Sushi was the place. And darling, it was gooood!

See that? It was perfect for cold day! It’s baked cheese on top shrimps-topped crab rolls. Delicious! and warm! If you order this, eat it right away when it’s warm! :)

Now this one was soo good too! It’s lobster/shrimp popcorn on top of crispy lobster rolls with slices of jalapenos! Oddly, the jalapenos were sweet! Ahahah It was very delicious x).
Lots of options and the pricing was reasonable. It’s definitely one of those place to go back again! :)

:) Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Moi!

Round1 after and photobooths. Fun fun times :)

Props to Kimb for these pictures! (actually I took it from her site, :p do check her out tho in my LinkToThem page!!)


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