Hitting the slopes!

This is how tired we look after four hours of snowboarding and about the total of three (four if you count Jeff’s driving from his house) hours of driving. AHHHHH… We’re so sore. So today, we left around noon and rent boots and got some foods (from The Hat! Yumyum) before heading to Snow Summit. We had free tickets for night sessions which were nice. :p. And it was our first time too! :) “It’s not so bad.”-Jeff. I think it’s a little bit scary at first especially when you get spooked out from your own shadow going down the slope… As for Jeff, it was the lifts shadow that spooked him. (Maybe this is why we fit :p) The snow was much more nicer than Mt. High, but doesn’t mean it hurts when you fall! I can feel the bruises starting to show bumps on my knees and Jeff’s booty is in such pain. Poor baby. I finally got hang of carving on steeper slope and no, I didn’t bang on my head. :D And even got to ride on some jumps. I tried to do a big fun box but I did not have enough speed that I was just standing on the box. I can hear Jeff laughing at me right now. *glares* Well, Jeff fell! But hey, at least we get to play around :). Then driving back home was bit scary on those curvy roads and headlights going by, blinding your eyes. Ahhhh! Warm ramen for us then it’s … a day of rest for us tomorrow!

*side note: THANK YOU JEFF FOR TAKING ME OUT TO GO SNOWBOARDING :) I already told him before he left my house, but I figure why not tell it on here as well :p. ILOVEYOU AND REST YOUR SORE BOOTY :)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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