Happy New Year!!

er… Eve! In few hours, it’ll be New Year! :) 2011, here we go!
Today, I was able to spend time with Jeff and my brother snowboarding! Since it’s my first time of the whole winter season, I was really rusty in carving. So after couple runs on tough slope (at least for me), we went to easier slope where I can practice carving for a bit. Finally got hang of it then I went for more steeper slope. Seems good. Then went on much more harder on. Well, I fell. Once. Got back up and went carving away! Fell down again. Hard. :( To the point where the area between my neck and my head hurts. Not even 4 hours past! I was really bummed and I was half way from the end of the trail. I got up but had to stop a while because my head was pounding! As I met up with Ka Ho and Jeff at the bottom, I couldn’t move my neck that much. :( So I had to call it time. Bummer! Met with a nice gentleman and a nurse who helped make sure I did not suffer concussions and make sure I know who I am and where I was. Yeah. I did not have any chance to do tricks or try carving on much steeper slopes (for you snowboarders, I would say between square and 1diamond slope. That steep. I know. I’m a chicken. But! I’m learning!). I just have to be glad that I got a chance to carve (much better than ever!) for now.

Lesson for you guys. WEAR YOUR HELMET! I don’t care if you look like MegaMan (although if you do have that kind of helmet, I’ll give you a high five. :)) but do wear your helmet. It saved me from thinking I was some martian who landed on frozen land. (it’s cold. Really cold!) Although, Jeff would testify that I’m a different person. >.> Hrm. “You were a different person for a while!”-Jeff. Well… just wear your helmets, kids! :)

Boohoo. :(

Oooh, reflection!

Okay, enough of this!
I have another announcement to make!
See this guy?

It’s his birthday coming up really soon! :) So just in case I don’t do this post by midnight (yes, he’s January 1st :)), HAPPYBIRTHDAY ANDY!!

And for the rest of you guys, Happy New Year and be safe! Make the best out of it! :)


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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