Credit Card Roulette (FTW!)

**WARNING: This post will be have pictures overload! You have been warned!



Teehee! Today was definitely a great day and such a fun day to play with my camera. First off, Brent came and pick me up and drove to Darren’s house where we met up with Andy as well. Then we were on our way to Annenberg :). Cranking up the radio, listening to something like…
“I see you driving ’round the town
With a girl I love and I’m like,…”
And whole bunches of Daft Punk, Nujubes, and so on. :P

My furry companion of the trip.

A bit of rain never hurt :)

Apparently, I must like picturing linear things.

Ooh, and reflections. :)

Annenberg was a nice gallery with four different photographers who took pictures in extreme environments such as swimming right in the seal’s face or climbing up on 300 ft. tall Redwood tree or dealing with volcano’s erupting lava. It was cool :).

Then we walked on Avenue of the Stars to grab something to eat :p.

Thought this was cute. But I was craving for MackNCheeze and so I went. :)

Definitely not your MacNCheese out of the box!

Then we all went to Griffith Observatory to meet with Danny and a fun photo session. I got to use my new lens (18-200! Yeah baby! No need to change my lenses!) and I played around a lot with ISO, aperture, and speed just to see the outcomes. :p So far, I’m looking good. Hopefully better than before! :)

The first shot I took, thought it was kind of eerie. Hahaha, but I like. :)

Know where to take this picture? :p

Can you find all of us? :)

Whew, then we went to eat at Curry House at LilTokyo.

Yummy in my tummy! :)

Now to pay. This is where the title of the post comes in. First Darren, Danny, and Brent threw their cards in to pay for the foods. I was planning to pay with cash until they wanted to do Credit Card Roulette. Basically, everyone has a card so we all give our cards. Then someone will shuffle behind his/her back and pull out one card and whoever owns that card will pay for everyone dinner. We did it. We actually asked our waiter who seemed to be bit petrified. I mean, why would you be afraid of a bunch of people laughing together and getting excited. Nothing seems out of ordinary, right? Ha! He hesitated and did what he did. So, I would like to thank the person who paid for the dinner. :)


I meant this! :)

Fun day :)


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One thought on “Credit Card Roulette (FTW!)”

  1. these pictures remind me of how the lights from the buildings and cars seemed like reflections of the stars that shined out so pretty and bright that night…


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