Yesterday, Kimberly and I decided we were going to have a double date. So we did. :] We decided to go to Santa Monica to check out the shopping area which is very nice! I love Santa Monica, it’s such a cool place to be. :] After parking, Jeff and I decided we will go eat first since we haven’t ate lunch while KimB and Leo will hang a bit.

They had a pizza place and I really liked mine! I had figs and sweet red peppers. It was nice and sweet. ^.^ Jeff had ham and pineapple. After getting our fill, we walked around checking out some stores. There are several fancy/high class stores but they did have Hot Topic. We went to checked it out and they had a fancy fun toy!

Think it as a huge iPad. It’s touch screen and basically, you scan your membership card and you are logged in. This is where you can make your custom tee shirts and order it online, listen to music, and even have DJ wheel for you to play with like the picture shown above. It was really fun, hahaha!

We walked around some more on the boulevard and ate some dinner at Yangtze. There I saw the actor, Iqbal Theba. He plays as Principal Figgins from Glee. I didn’t ask for picture since he was eating. Jeff and I shared some Santa Monica sushi and Pad Thai. Pad Thai was really good with lime! Yummy! Leo and KimB had rolls of sushi, hahaha maybe 5 rolls, at least. As for desert, we ate some yummy crepes! Love the crepes!!!

It was delicious! As for this picture, we needed someone to take a picture. We saw a man with a child so we asked him. His little girl kept running in circle around the directory sign so when we asked him, he said ok. But as he was ready to take the picture, he had to go chase his little girl first. Then he held her up as the girl fussed and then, he took a picture. I thought it was cute and funny. The girl was probably only three years old. XD Ha!

Then as I drove them back home, Kimb and Leo were already tired!

It was a good day :] and the weather was pleasantly nice! Oh just a random tidbit. Santa Monica was one of the places we went the day Jeff asked me. Near Urban Outfitters, there was this man who sells hippy bumper stickers such as Make Love, Not War and etc. He also gives out free peace sign stamp and just like last year, I asked for the stamp. :] Even though it was different hand (Jeff dragged my hand, haha) it just brought some memories from that day. :]

Enjoy your Labor weekend!! :]


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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