“Apple! I want an iPad!”

Today my brother treated the family out for lunch and a day in Old Pasadena. How nice of him. :] We ate at a small cute cafe that seemed to mix all different kinds into one. It was nice. My dad got a sandwich with interesting-looking potato chips.

After a long look… I felt compelled to do this.


Afterward, my dad went to buy iPad and we all shopped for a bit. I think I have a funny family, don’t you think?

hahaha, it was a good day with family. :] Thanks Ka Ho for buying me some stuff :]! and treating us out! ^.^

So this ends my week. It also ends my first week of school! I had a busy schedule but I think I will manage :] All my teachers are really cool and actually awesome! They made the classes interesting actually and I made some friends in each of the classes, so I’m glad! Hopefully I’ll get hang of everything and pass the classes so I can be on my way to graduation :] It’s amazing to see that I’m second year already! I actually see the freshmen now that I am not a one and it’s interesting! One thing I’m glad about being orientation leader is that I get to meet them and actually grow with them, it’s cool :]

Yet in midst of the whole week, it was also my 10 months with Jeffy :] so we went out and had dinner date on Tuesday night. Then watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on Thursday. It is an AWESOME movie! So … original!! Love it! And then a lunch date on Friday at Little Tokyo.

So this week altogether was a good week :] I hope your week went great as well!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

One thought on ““Apple! I want an iPad!””

  1. hahah! that last picture! i know where that restaurant is!
    right next to hanaichi ramen in that plaza near little tokyo =D

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