Work Work Work!

Whew, been busy for the past few days! You see, I’m one of the freshmen orientation leaders for the deaf/hard of hearing students. So we had a camp retreat for two and half days. We left on Monday, rode for an hour and half to the cabin in Wrightwood and started our retreat! It was a lot of fun actually and great experiences as well. We even had so much inside jokes that we just couldn’t stop laughing! Oh boy! Ahaha!
Tuesday was fun as well despite the crazy incident at night. @.@ But more importantly, we’re safe and sound. :] That day has to be one of those “headaches” days. Oy! But it went away the next day when we left back to CSUN. There we ate and talked and Jeff came to pick me up ^.^ Watched couple movies, “When In Rome” and “Something About Steve.”

Today was my first official job day! Well we don’t get paid but it is still considered a job. At least to me. :] Woke up early in the morning and head there and did a lot of work, trying to get a lot of jobs done. We did pretty well. And I felt super happy with stickers. :p. We all went out to eat California Chicken Cafe where I bumped into my teacher from my high school. Coool. It was fun.

I have a picture (hey, this is still consider a photo blog :p) but I will post it later as I am suppper tireed!


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