Yesterday, Jeff came over to wash his car (and ended up getting his butt wet because I was trying to spray the bee off his butt. :p) and then we went to Farmers Market in Monrovia. :] They had a petting zoo so hence the cow. Pretty funny. A father came with his son who was still a baby, maybe one and half year old. The father was holding the baby and get him closer to the calf who was just munching and munching. The baby froze within a foot and half. The closer he got, he immediately cried. Jeff said it was as if he took a whiff of the calf and cried at the horrible smell. ahahaha! Fun day. :]

Today we had a memorial service for my aunt with luncheon afterward. It was nice service. I felt happy, too. Because there was this man next to me and he was crying and sniffing. So I took out my tissues and gave one to him. That made me feel good. :]. Aunti MoChing has so many friends and families who really care. That’s all its matter. And she lived happily. :]
Then we ate. We had soo much leftover when it was over. So we started to clean up, cover up boxes of foods with saran wrap. The way you would wrap around a car, xD. Has anyone does that?? So cousins would be holding trays and wrapping up, hahaha. And of course we split some foods among the rest of the family who stayed after to clean up. We also had so much leftover orange slices…

And here we are trying to eat as much oranges as we can. It’s an orange party! We ate slices after slices. But it was too much. We split it and wrapped it up, hahaha. So yeah. :]


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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